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    I love, love, love snapping photos that tell a STORY. In the same manner, I love antiques because they have a hiSTORY to them--a family that once enjoyed them and left a mark on them. Through my photography, I hope to show the marks you are leaving on your family. Marks of love and the joys of real life.

4:45 @ our house

It’s one of the longest periods of time in our house currently.  The time when everything collides together at the same precise moment and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Hunger strikes.  Tiredness has set in.  Dinner is in mid-stir, uniforms are waiting to be put on, and it is time to do homework.  {Or “fun work” as some would say.  Mrs. R, our dearly loved first grade teacher,  you are welcome any time to come help us have “fun” with this moment of time;) }

We make our way through it the best we can.  I constantly remind myself to stay calm when the oven timer is blaring in my ear and I am trying to convince the little people in my home to keep working through it.  I see how his tiny hands somehow look bigger when he is holding his pencil and the edge of his spelling homework.  He can hardly sit still to do it, and wiggles in his seat perching his cute little feet up on the rail of his chair.  How is it that he already knows how to read?  Good grief, he’s learning about Geometry!  He’s growing up so quickly.  We’re both yelling “make it stop” in our own heads, but about different things.  And just like that, his wishes come true.  Homework is done and that dreaded moment of time is now a blur.  These blurry times are what make up our lives though.  So while it’s easier to look forward to them ending, I’m going to try to do the opposite.

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Seattle Bound!

I really don’t know how it happened.  But in the almost 7 years of having kids, we have never left them in the hands of trusted family for more than maybe 2 days.  Maybe.  My husband and I are no strangers to traveling and enjoying adventures, which is why this fact baffles me so much.  How did we get stuck in this rut?  Well never again, folks!  NEVER AGAIN!  Turns out being stranded for 24 hours in the Atlanta airport last Summer was well worth it when I consider the free flights we got out of it.  So thank you, Summer storm, and thank you airline!  Your apology gift was well used.  (Although, not being able to fly out this time on our scheduled date due to an ice storm was kind of a cruel coincidence.  Summer Storm:  1 point, Winter Storm:  1 point.)

But we finally made it to Seattle, grabbed our Light Rail Pass and headed downtown.  As you will soon see, I get a little excited when it comes to new or different things.  I can’t help but throw my arms in the air with complete joy at the sight of big green trees and wide open views of mountains and oceans.  I even got giddy at the thought of downloading apps for public transportation routes and Ski Reports.  When you live in the middle of the country in your little suburban bubble where it’s flat and hot a lot of the year, these kinds of things remind you that there is a whole other world out there.

Now on to exploring that other world.  I reached out to friends and family to gain insight into their “must see” spots.  Not one recommendation was ill-advised.  So thank you to everyone who shared with us:) And if you happen to be taking a trip to Seattle anytime in the future, I would love to give you our inside scoop.  But be warned–we may send you on an adventure– seeing that rain, lots of walking, and taking a ferry+4 buses+walking+a taxi all one way in one day to see a much anticipated sight didn’t stop us.  (I do have a better recommendation for that particular part of the trip.  Rent a car!  Unless of course, you enjoy adventure too.)

So, enjoy our silly adventure in coffee tasting and sight-seeing, and check out a list of recommendations below…

Some of the scenes pictured above (and places we would recommend going):

1.  Pike Place Market
2.  The Gum Wall
3.  The Original Starbucks (we accidentally found ourselves inside ordering.  Not a necessity, but a landmark nonetheless.)
4.  Space Needle
5.  EMP Museum
6.  Bainbridge Island (on bike, especially for those adventures I was talking about)
7.  Volunteer Park
8.  Capital Hill District
9.  Hurricane Ridge @ Olympic National Park
10.  Skiing at Crystal Mountain
11.  Stumptown Coffee
12.  Bauhause Books & Coffee
13.  Cafe Ladro

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Krinks LIFE

“It’s snowing!”

They couldn’t hold back singing the lines of their favorite song “Do you want to build a snowman?”  There’s also no mistaking how much they love Saturday morning breakfast.  The licking of the cinnamon roll pan pretty much gave it away.  And you’ll probably notice that she loves animals, and he loves jumping.  I’d say that basically sums up what they are “into” these days.  Well, that and doing their very best to push their sibling’s buttons.  But hey, I remember doing the same thing to their daddy when we were young.  Come get warm and cozy and see what it looks like in my brother’s home on this cold, snowy morning.


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Edison’s new LIFE

I climbed the steps to the front door to meet the sweet baby boy who decided to arrive a month early.  He took his family by surprise with his early entrance into their home, but they haven’t missed a beat.  It’s like he’s always been there.  His swing sits tucked in the corner of the room, his toys scattered around, and his big brother flies about this home as if he’s just become the unofficial superhero in charge of protecting  his crew.  Having two boys of my own, I can speak to the “super powers” a big brother has over his little brother.  He will have the power to calm crying and magically turn it into laughter.  He will even use his powers to create a bond so tight, not even a villain can separate them.  One day they may even profess each other as “best friends”.

For now, mommy gets to watch this story unfold in front of her.  She gets to hold her mini super hero in her arms helping him fly and chase after his brother.  She will partake in and monitor countless battles in her living room.  She will help them form their own Justice League.  And one day, they may see her cape.  It may not be until they have their own children, but I think she can wait.  Until then, she’ll just have to fly undercover.


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Oh how we love “examples”

It’s true.  I don’t jump for joy at the thought of going to the grocery store, and Eli certainly doesn’t either.  But it has to be done.  And we are fortunate enough to be able to pack up our wallet and head to the store to get what we need.  I know not everyone in the world can say that.  So we try to make the most of it.

I love watching the expressions on my son’s face change from gloomy to joyful as we got inside.  To his delight, there are plenty of experiences to wow the senses.  Row after row of huge televisions to watch.  A room so cold we had to bundle up in our coats and pretended we were in a scene from Star Wars trying to escape the AT-AT Walkers in the snow.  There were ladies giving out samples (or “examples”, as he calls them.  And we only want “good examples” according to him.  I would agree.)  You sample it, you like it, you find it and throw it in your shopping cart.  One last stop to smell the flowers and we were on our way to the check-out line.

All in all a successful trip.  We are now well equipped to attend a Super Bowl party.  I have enough fruit and flowers to help set the stage for a double baby shower.  And the chocolate pomegranate snacks that slipped into our cart?  Well, let’s just say they help us get through the day sometimes:)

Ok, ok, you may be thinking…”Are you crazy?  Photographing a trip to get groceries?”  Well, yes, I am crazy.  Crazy about photographing the little things in this life that make up our memories.  Photographing my children’s expressions, capturing how they see the world.  Be crazy with me.  I promise you your family will cherish these moments and learn more from them than you can even imagine.

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