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    Natural, relaxed, and sprinkled with character...all about who you are on the inside (where it really matters.)
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    I love, love, love snapping photos that tell a STORY. In the same manner, I love antiques because they have a hiSTORY to them--a family that once enjoyed them and left a mark on them. Through my photography, I hope to show the marks you are leaving on your family. Marks of love and the joys of real life.

The Tree House

Imagine what it would be like to live up in a tree.  The warm wood tones.  The sun shining through the leaves, casting dancing shadows all around.  New life budding in different shades of green.  Perched up so high, the view would have to be captivating.  It would almost be like looking down from heaven, seeing the world from a different perspective.  Seeing past what only our eyes will show us.  It would be full of peace, full of life.  It would induce a spirit of hope.  Maybe that’s why they have fallen in love with their “tree house”.  Or maybe they were so drawn to it because of their spirits of peace and hope.  Whatever the case, I know peace and hope will grow abundantly in the garden of their hearts and homes, whatever the address may be.

“And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade.
And the boy loved the tree very much.
And the tree was happy.”
“The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein



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Vacation Part 3

Finally, Part 3 of this Summer’s vacation.  (Click here and here for a reminder of the last vacation posts.)

I love how I can drive down a cobblestone street in Philadelphia and be reminded of school trips to see where our country’s constitution was signed, or I can pull up to the New York City skyline and remember what it looked like before 9/11.  So much has changed for me since I was a child visiting these places in my old backyard.  The best change being that I have two little boys to share it with now.  We loved the adventure of bringing them to NYC for the first time.  They sat wide-eyed as we rode the subway.  Sure, we saw the Statue of Liberty and many other famous landmarks, but their eyes really popped out when we made it to the toy store with life-sized Legos.

Some of our best memories are always at home with my parents.  Taking over their home with our toys, running wild in the backyard, tickling all over the house.  It’s what makes grandparents so special.  Unconditional love bursting at the seams.  Looking forward to trying my hand at it some day.  But for now, playing mommy and watching my boys experience new places is pretty fun.














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Moving across town

Their living room is full of packing boxes which have now taken on the shape of an elaborate fort guarded by an armor-clad guard.   If only moving was done as quickly as it took to build that fort.  But that’s never the case.  Sometimes it drags on.  And while it’s easy to be anxious and excited about moving on to something else, it was a pleasure to watch this family be present with each other and enjoy the moment .  They drank chocolate milk, played in the yard, and even celebrated daddy’s birthday with a gift.  Top if off with a stroll up and down the street to visit with friends who will be dearly missed, and you’ve got a pretty great morning.

It’s true that this house is cute and charming, and the smells of Memphis BBQ in the street could make your mouth water,  but those are not the things that will be missed.  I have a feeling it will be the relationships that were built outside of those four walls.  The memories of creating community with those that surrounded them.  Their new neighbors will be lucky to see these two cute girls skip up to their front door to introduce themselves looking for new playmates.



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Summer Vacation–at the Lake

As I mentioned before, we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun while we were on vacation.  This is Part 2.  (Click here to play catch up and see what we did the first part of the week.)

At the Lake
I could probably walk blindfolded through this home and not bump into a single thing.  I could probably also describe most of the duck decor, or the glass sailboats that adorn the not-so-kid-friendly shelves.  I can hear the grandfather clock chime in my memory, see the weather gauge fluctuate from sunrise to sunset, feel the tiny sharp stones as I tiptoe across the gravel driveway in my mind, and taste my grandmother’s pies as if I just took a bite–all from memory.  But I am so thankful that I get to see them still with my own eyes.  And what’s more–I get to gift those same memories to my children.  I really feel like it is a gift that I spent every Summer of my childhood dipping my toes, knees, waist, shoulders, and head into this lake, and running through the green grass on my way to the backdoor of the little brown cottage my grandparents call home.  And now my boys have a piece of that memory too.  Things there have slowed down quite a bit, but the concept is still the same.  We enjoy time with family.  We watch while the sky turns into colors of soft pink cotton candy  as the sun sets.  We enjoy the soothing motion of the boat as we cross back and forth along the lake.  It holds too many memories to even retell.  So sit back and look over the shoulder of a pair of great-grandparents.  See what they see–enjoy their crystal clear lake, rolling hills, green grass, and giggling great-grandchildren…

Bobby & Gigi with their great-grandkids

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Artastic Art Camp

Maybe I’m living vicariously through my children, but I sent them to Art Camp this week.  The good news is, they loved it, and were not just telling me that to make me happy.  I share the sentiments of this fellow artist when she says she is inspired by her everyday life.  Her long-term goals are also pretty inspiring.  Enter through the door to see what this week’s Art Camp looked like, and read on below to hear what artist LeAnne DeShazo has to say about her passion for art.

What inspires you to create art?
LD:  I am such a busy mom. Not only do I have a two year old,(that says enough in itself) but he has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. So everything is extreme! When I do finally get a chance to sit down at my desk, I am overwhelmed by the many things I have learned during my busy day. So needless to say, inspiration comes easy for me. Wether it’s the bible story I read to my son while he’s in the bath, or the flower he picked (then tore completely apart) on our walk up and down the scenic road we love on, I am inspired by my everyday life.

Why did you decide to start an Art Camp?
LD:  The art camp was an idea given to me by a friend. She has some artistic kids herself. So we came together on a plan to do a small camp. She is helping me get started, so in the future I can continue on and hopefully make this a long term gig!

Why do you think art is so important?
LD:  Art is my therapy. My son’s as well. Art is a very important tool in the world of creativity! When we sit at the table and go crazy with paint or crayons (whatever he picks) we have a blast! We laugh, we smile, and we also create a visual memory. I hang all his masterpieces on one wall. (More inspiration)  My biggest dream is to teach handicap children art. Who knows, it may be the one thing they look forward to.

What can we learn from art?
LD:  The list goes on and on for what we can learn. I have illustrated everything from children’s books to painting cars! Each time it’s different. I learn new angles and ways of looking at the same things over and over. I am a self taught artist from a young age, and oh the things I have taught myself. I am able to see things in major detail when I am building my chicken coop, cutting my grass, and even decorating my house. Some folks are just naturally gifted while others have to work hard at it. Just sitting down once a week and painting, mixing colors, or going step by step on YouTube, will help!

What is your favorite form of art to create?
LD:  I’m 100% in love with watercolors. For me they are the easiest and most fun. There is no wrong way of creating a watercolor painting. That’s what “art” is. Messy, fun, and full of your personality!

How would you encourage “non-artistic” parents to cultivate an interest in art in their children?
LD:  My own mom has no creativity WHATSOEVER! Although, she did love to sit with us and color while we were camping. I think if you start your kids at a young age, it will build their creative mind to want to do more in the art sense. Who knows, maybe they will teach the parents. It’s not about being perfect. There is no rhyme or reason to my 2yr olds art, but he loves it. I LOVE IT TOO!!!

Visit LeAnne’s Facebook page here.

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