The Road of “LIFE”

When does life slow down?  Isn’t there a button somewhere that we can push that will magically freeze everyone in their tracks while the one who pushed the button can rush around and get some things done, then push the button again to unfreeze everyone without them knowing a single moment passed by?  As a mom, I think that might be a pretty amazing tool to have.  I would actually get to clean my bathrooms or mop the kitchen floor sometime.  (I just gave away the dirtiest surfaces in my home.  Don’t hold it against me.)

I know a lot of moms and dads out there who might like to have that button.  This mom and dad might.  They are active, working, and loving parents who I’m sure could benefit from this magical button idea.  But even without this button, they are two laid back parents who know how to love their children (and by loving I mean they know how to give hugs and kisses, but they also know how to keep discipline in the mix.–I respect that!)

These two little girls know who loves them and how to love back.  They know what it’s like to cheer daddy on in a race, and they know how to wear mommy’s old Halloween costumes to win 1st prize.  Those little things mean they have already been given gifts that really matter.  Love.  Family.  Friendship, etc., etc., etc.

What gifts are you giving your children?  Think about it.  Ask them what they want to do, and then do it.  Enjoy the road of LIFE, and even try taking the slow lane every once in a while.  Roll down the windows, and enjoy the fresh air that blows through your hair.  Then take a quick peek at the smiles on your kids faces when you see them enjoying the little things as much as you.


Do you know this family?  Leave them some love…post a comment below.  And if you want to hear from this mommy about her photo shoot, check out what she has to say here in her blog.

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ErikaFebruary 2, 2013 - 2:11 pm

Oh thank you Jessica! We adore these pictures, and your words are too kind. Thanks for being so patient with us and working hard to capture our sweet babies. You are such a blessing.

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